Reply to John Dougill and others who might be interested:

The easiest way to see the selections available for the "Anatomy of a Scene"

go to, which will give you the current and
most recent episodes, as well as a drop-down menu of many others under "past
episodes."  Many if not all of the films are on DVD.

Bill Rainbolt

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> I wonder if I could ask William Rainbolt which DVD issues include the
> Anatomy of a Scene?
> Is there any way of knowing which ones they are on?
> On Sep 23, 2004, at 8:30 PM, William Rainbolt wrote:
> >  I've have good luck with DVD editions that include the "Anatomy of a
> > Scene" feature from the Sundance Channel.  They can be quite helpful
> > for
> > giving a class a quick introduction to several different aspects of
> > filmmaking,
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