1. CALL FOR PAPERS (please circulate)


The Fifth Annual Studies in French Cinema Conference will be held on Wednesday 30 March 2005 in London. Please note that this is intentionally (so as to allow colleagues to attend both conferences) the day before the start of the Society of Cinema and Media Studies Conference, to be held 30 March-3 April at the Institute of Education, London. This year we are calling for papers on any aspect of genre or technology. We are asking for papers that look in greater depth at (preferably) popular genres (comedy; costume drama; heritage; thrillers, etc) from any period in French cinema, and which would focus not just on the genre per se, but also address the genre's socio-political and economic motivations. We are also calling for papers on aspects of technology from any period in French cinema (including pre-sound cinema), such as colour, sound, image, light, the history and politics of cinema technologies, cinema technology and ideology, digital technology. We have a good record for fostering postgraduate work, so please draw this to the attention of any postgraduates whom you think may have an interest in either or both of these areas.

Please submit your proposal (250 words max) to Phil Powrie ([log in to unmask]) and Susan Hayward ([log in to unmask]) by 15 November 2004.


Volume 4 number 1 is now out. It is a special issue devoted to the 1950s (the topic of SFC Conference 3 in 2003). It contains articles on Simone Signoret (Susan Hayward), Sacha Guitry (Raphaëlle Moine), Quai des orfèvres (Judith Mayne), Touchez pas au grisbi (Nicholas Hewitt), and the post-war genres of the thriller and the French 'Western' (Cécile Sorin). See here for details:


Post-Scriptum.ORG, a journal of interdisciplinary research in text and media, is pleased to announce the release of its 4th issue, «Europe in cinema. Questions of the production and the reception of European cinema».  This issue is co-edited by Delphine Bénézet and Vincent Bouchard, both doctoral candidates in comparative literature at the Université de Montréal.  Post-Scriptum.ORG is an electronic journal, and can be read at


Damien Rousselière (LEPII, Université Pierre Mendès France Grenoble II): Concentration de la diffusion du cinéma et diversité culturelle : quel rôle pour les réseaux indépendants ?

Patrick Anthony Cavaliere (University of New Brunswick at Saint John) : Contemporary Italian Cinema and Fascism: Memory, History, and Politics in the Films of Bernardo Bertolucci

Deborah Walker (University of Auckland): From Honest Thief to Media Sociopath: American Culture through French Film Noir

Vincent Bouchard (Université de Montréal - Université Paris III) : L'Europe dans les cinémas canadiens

Leah Pate (Arizona State University) : England and the Beasts: Ontologically Misreading the Other in Empire Cinema

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