Having recently seen and admired Edmund Goulding's _Grand Hotel_
(1932) for the first time, I was wondering if Johannes Guter's 1927
_Grand Hotel...!_, scripted by Bela Balazs (I recently finished
reading Joseh Zsuffa's excellent biography) has ever been made
available.  Unfortunately, it appears very few Balazs-scripted films
are available--Leslie Megahey's _Duke Bluebeard's Castle_, _The
Threepenny Opera_, and _The BLue Light_ are the only Balazs-scripted
films with IMDb merchandising links, plus Goulding's _Grand Hotel_,
which Zsuffa, IIRC, never says he contributed to.  Since I added the
entry for Guter's _Grand Hotel...!_ after finding it in Zsuffa's
book, and that title page has been up perhaps a month, perhaps his
"uncredited" credit was added by mistake, confusing it with the 1932



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