DEADLINE - JULY 30, 2004

        Call for Papers and Sessions
        November 11-14, 2004

        Area CFP:  Propaganda Films

        The heavy hands of patriotism and propaganda have left their imprints on war films since the medium's early days.  Whether crafted to create consensus about a common enemy, agitate emotions over ideologies, or exploit uncertainties and insecurities, propaganda films have attempted to steer the hearts, minds, bodies, and resources of their audiences for over a century.  This call for papers seeks submissions of work from a wide range of historical time periods and orientations, examining the use of propaganda in the depiction of war.

        Possible topics for consideration include, but are not limited to: nonfiction and documentary propaganda, films focused on specific wars (WWI, WWII, the Boer War, the Russian Revolution, etc.), propaganda films produced within particular nation-states (Russian, American, Italian, German, etc.), the works of particular propaganda filmmakers (Eisenstein, Capra, Rossellini, and others), as well as in-depth analysis of particular films ("Triumph of the Will, " "Wiping Something Off the Slate," "Hitler's Madman," etc.), or an analysis of the use of various propaganda techniques and strategies across the genre.

        The Film & History League, together with the Literature/Film Association, will be holding its biannual conference on "War in Film, Television, and History" during November 11-14, 2004, near Dallas, TX.  Full details on the location, featured speakers, registration procedures, and additional area topics can be found on the web site at  Proposals for either individual papers or complete panels (3-4 papers) are welcomed, and submissions may be made in either electronic (no attachments, please) or hard copy format.  Please send panel proposals and/or 300-word paper abstracts no later than July 30, 2004, to:

        Chair for Propaganda Area

        Prof. Cynthia Miller
        Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies
        Emerson College
        120 Boylston St., Rm. 515
        Boston, MA 02116

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