Dear Colleagues:
Apologies in advance for the length of the list that follows.  I'm trying
to see a ton of silent film horror/scifi/fantasy texts that do not seem to
be easily available on video or DVD.  Does anyone know of any 16 or 35mm
archives that might have at least a few of the following
titles?  Alternatively, does anyone know of a master list that might
suggest what titles are or are not available?  Finally, does anyone know of
a "papers" collection that specializes in post-production notes?

Thank you very much.
And apologies for the length of the list that follows:

         Austria-Hungary, Alraune: (1918)
         Austria, Lilith and Ly: dir. Fritz Lang.  mystical ruby, Lilith
comes to life, vampirish.  (1919)
         Austria, Astra Film, The Lost Soul; or, The Dangers of
Hypnosis  (1923)
         Austria/Hungary: Trilby  (1912)
         Austria/Germany, Micco-Film, Cagliostro  (1920)
         Austria, Svengali  (1914)

         Denmark, The Mystery of the Lama Convent (1909)
         Denmark: The Golem  (1916)
         Denmark, Nordisk, Atlantis  (1913)

         France, Éclair, Dr. Charlie is a Great Surgeon: (1911)
         France, Éclair, The Legend of sleepy Hollow  (1912)
         France, Éclair/Tyler: The Mystery of the Glass Coffin (1912)
         France, Éclair, The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether (1912)
         France, Éclair, Balaoo (1913)
         France, Éclair, What the Gods Decree:  (1913)
         France, Éclair, The Vampire  (1914)
         France, A Monkey Bite  (1911)
         France, Gaumont, The Professor's Secret:
         France, Gaumont, In the Grip of the Vampire.   (1912)
         France, Gaumont, The Legend of Cagliostro  (1912)
         France, Gaumont, The Vengeance of Egypt  (1912)
         France, Lux, The Mummy of the King of Ramses (1909)
         France, Lux, The Jealous Professors  (1910)
         France, Lux, The Secret of the Hand (1910)
         France, Melies, The Oracle of Delphi (1903)
         France, Melies, The Terrible Turkish Executioner (1904)
         France, Melies, The Black Imp. (1905)
         France, Melies, The Palace of the Arabian Nights (1905)
         France, Melies, Oriental Black Art. (1908)
         France, Melies, Conquest of the North Pole:   (1912)
         France, Pathé, Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (1906)
         France, Pathé, The Rajah's Casket (1906)
         France, Pathé, An Apish Trick (1909)
         France, Pathé, The Man Monkey(1909)
         France, Pathé Freres, Cagliostro  (1910)
         France, Pathé, A Rival to Satan (1910)
         France, Pathé, The Romance of the Mummy  (1910)
         France, Pathé, The Mummy (1911)
         France, Pathe-Aetna, The Japanese Mask (1915)
         France, Pathe, Neal of the Navy (1915)
         France, Pathe, The Mysteries of Myra.  (1916)
         France, Pathe: The Live Mummy(1915)
         France, Alice Guy Blanche, Esmeralda (1906)
         France, The Doctor's Experiment (1908)
         France, Kliene/Urbanora, Island of Terror  (1913)
         France, The Monkey Man (1908)
         Germany, Night of Terror (1916)
         Germany, The Yogi  (1916)
         Germany, Madness (1919)
         Germany, The Eyes of the Mummy (1918)
         Germany, Algol (1920)
         Germany, Countess Ankarstrom (1910)
         Germany, Nachtgestalten:   (1920)
         Germany, Genuine  (1920)
         Germany, Warning Shadows(1923)
         Germany, Bioscop, The Golem and the Dancer: Sequel to The
Golem  (1917)
         Germany, Neutral Film, Alraune (1918)

         Hungary, The Picture of Dorian Gray  (1917)

         Russia, The Picture of Dorian Gray: dir: Meyerhold.  Portrait
turns black or Jewish?  (1915)
         Russia, Interplanetary Revolution: six minute animated short  (1924)

         UK, Cricks, The Wraith of the Tomb (1915)
         UK, Dreadnought, The Fakir's Spell (1914)
         UK, Kineto, The Picture of Dorian Gray  (1916)
         UK, The Man-Monkey  (1911)
         UK, Kineto-Kinemacolor, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  (1913)
         UK, Searchlight, The Vampire  (1913)
         UK, London, Trilby  (1914)
         UK, A Cry in the Night  (1915)
         UK, Cricks, Inventing Trouble (1915)
         UK, She: Director Lisle Lucocque  (1916)
         UK, The Beetle (1919)
         UK, The Great London Mystery (1920)
         UK, Aaron's Rod (1923)
         UK, The Call of Siva: "entry in the Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu
series" ( (1923)
         UK, The Clue of the Pigtail: "entry in the Mystery of Dr. Fu
Manchu series"  (1923)
         UK, The Cry of the Night Hawk: "entry in the Mystery of Dr. Fu
Manchu series" ( (1923)
         UK, The Fiery Hand: "entry in the Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu
series"  (1923)
         UK, The Fungi Cellars: "entry in the Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu
series"  (1923)
         UK, The Miracle: "entry in the Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu
series"  (1923)
         UK, The Queen of Hearts: "entry in the Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu
series"  (1923)
         UK, The Sacred Order: "entry in the Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu
series"   (1923)
         UK, The Scented Envelopes: "entry in the Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu
series"  (1923)
         UK, The Shrine of Seven Lamps: "entry in the Mystery of Dr. Fu
Manchu series"  (1923)
         UK, The Silver Buddha: "entry in the Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu
series"  (1923)
         UK, The Monkey's Paw  (1923)
         UK, Tut-Tut and his Terrible Tomb (1923)
         UK, The Café l'Egypte: "entry in the Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu
series"  (1924)
         UK, The Coughing Horror: "entry in the Further Mysteries of Dr. Fu
Manchu series"  (1924)
         UK, Cragmire Tower: "entry in the Further Mysteries of Dr. Fu
Manchu series"   (1924)
         UK, The Golden Pomegranate: "entry in the Further Mysteries of Dr.
Fu Manchu series"  (1924)
         UK, Master: Trilby  (1922)
         UK, Folly, The adventures of Pimple-Trilby  (1914)
         UK, Hepworth, The Chimes.   (1914)
         UK, Urban-Eclipse, Prehistoric Man (1908)
         UK, Urban, The Mummy (1911)
         UK, Kineto, The Temptations of Joseph  (1914)

         US, The Last Moment (1923)
         US, The Modern Sphinx  (1916)
         US, The Mystical Maid of Jamasha Pass.   (1912)
         US, American Standard, Trilby  (1912)
         US, American Standard, The Curse of the Hindu Pearl  (1912)
         US, Biograph, Griffith dir., Man's Genesis.
         US, Bison, The Death Stone of India (1913)
         US, Bison/Universal, The Werewolf (1913)
         US, Bison, Legend of the Phantom Tribe  (1914)
         US, Bison, The Phantom Light  (1914)
         US, Edison, Naidra (1914)
         US, Edison, She (1908)
         US, Edison, The Egyptian Mystery (1909)
         US, Edison, A Japanese Peach Boy.  (1910)
         US, Edison, Key of Life (1910)
         US, Edison, The House of the Lost Court (1915)
         US, Edison, The Green Eye of the Yellow God  (1913)
         US, Edison, The Tragedies of the Crystal Globe:
         US, Essanay, When Soul Meets Soul  (1912)
         US, Essanay, Brand of Evil
         US, Essanay, The Inner Brute  (1915)
         US, First National, Trilby  (1923)
         US, Fox, The Ruling Passion (1916)
         US, Fox, Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp  (1917)
         US, Fox, The Darling of Paris  (1917)
         US, Fox, She  (1917)
         US, Fox, The Shadow of the East (1924)
         US, Imp, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  (1913)
         US, Griffith, The Princess in the Vase (1908)
         US, Kalem, The Egyptian Mummy  (1913)
         US, Kalem, The Vampire  (1913)
         US, Kalem, They Hypnotic Monkey: Ape  (1915)
         US, Kalem, The Missing Mummy(1915)
         US, Kalem, Black Magic (1916)
         US, Lubin, The Hindu's Charm  (1912)
         US, Lubin, Ghost of the Twisted Oaks  (1915)
         US, Lux, The Budda's Curse  (1910)
         US, Metro, A Message from Mars (1921)
         US, Mutual, An Indian Legend  (1912)
         US, Mutual, The Picture of Dorian Gray (1913)
         US, Mutual, The Arrow Maiden
         US, Neilan, Go and Get It  (1920)
         US, Nestor, His Egyptian Affinity (1915)
         US, Nestor/Universal, When the Mummy Cried for Help (1915)
         US, Nestor, The White Wolf (1914)
         US, Nestor, Owana, the Devil Woman  (1913)
         US, Octagon, The Master Mystery (1919)
         US, Paramount, The Heir of the Ages  (1917)
         US, Paramount, Unconquered:  (1917)
         US, Pioneer, The Mystery Mind (1920)
         US, Selig, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1908)
         US, Thanhauser, She  (1911)
         US, Thanhauser, The Picture of Dorian Gray (1915)
         US, Thanhauser, The Miser's Conversion (1914)
         US, Truart Film Corp, The Unknown Purple (1923)
         US, Truart, On Time  (1924)
         US, Universal, The Black Box: serial   (1915)
         US, Universal, The Untameable (1923)
         US, Universal, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea  (1916)
         US, Vitagraph: The Reincarnation of Karma  (1912)
         US, Vitagraph: The Serpents (1912)
         US, Vitagraph, The Hunchback: of Notre Dame  (1909)
         US, Vitagraph, The Oriental Mystic (1909)
         US, Vitagraph, The Dust of Egypt: mummy  (1915)
         US, Vitagraph, The Legend of the Lone Tree (1915)
         US, Vitagraph, The Egyptian Mummy  (1914)
         US, Vitascope, Trilby  (1913)
         US, Phoebus, The Curse of the Crimson Idol  (1914)
         UK, Magnet, The Monkey's Paw.  Based on W.W. Jacobs story (1915)
         US, Ocean, Life Without Soul (1915)
         US, Equitable-World, Trilby  (1915)
         US, Consolidated Film Corp, The Crimson Stain Mystery (1916)
         US, E&R Jungle Film Company, Haunted  (1916)
         US, Hallmark, Trail of the Octopus: with ape-man  (1919)
         Creative, Those Who Dare: voodoo among ship's crew  (1924)

         No National Attribution:
         In Zululand  (1915)
         The Jewel of Death  (1916)
         Blanche, Star of India: (1913)
         Rosenberg, Murders in the Rue Morgue  (1914)
         Domino, The Soul of Phyra (1915)
         Oriental mystic (1915)

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