Dear friends,

Forgive me for the cross-posting, but I'm desperate -- I hope you kind people
can help me. We're preparing with UCLA a DVD release of Henry de la Falaise's
two-color Technicolor in Bali and Indo-China (Vietnam) respectively. Both were
produced by de la Falaise's then current wife Constance Bennett. We have been
really trying to research the films (the AFI catalog led us to some reviews and a
couple of brief articles we found at the Academy and MoMA, a very kind
archivist has already sent me a contemporary article from "Man," and I have
purchased about every book written on Bali from the 1930s looking for Henry's name to
pop up). We have even talked to Constance's son who remembers "Uncle Henry"
fondly but has no memory of the films as he was only seven at the time.

So, the making of these films remain an enormous mystery. And it's odd
because LEGONG seems to have had some success around the world. Have any of you
lovely, smart people -- especially those with the taste for extremely obscure
cinema -- come across anything about these films? LEGONG is actually a terrific
film (KLIOU is only so-so at best but it does show a rare view of Vietnam in the
1930s) and they deserve a far better "history" than I can provide them right
now. Thank you!

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