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We are pleased to announce publication of FOR EVER GODARD, a substantial
new interdisciplinary reassessment of the work of Jean-Luc Godard. This
book seeks to do critical justice to the full sweep of Godard's artistic
interests and preoccupations. It includes 22 lavishly illustrated chapters
written by key critics from around the world, a photo essay by Philippe
Dubois, a full visual filmography, and a preface by Raymond Bellour. Other
contributors include Nicole Brenez, Christa Blumlinger, Vicki Callahan,
Monica Dall'Asta, Vinzenz Hediger, Junji Hori, Laurent Jullier, Adrian
Martin, James Quandt, Jacques Ranciere, and Trond Lundemo. FOR EVER GODARD
is edited by Michael Temple, James S Williams, and Michael Witt. For full
details, see:

To coincide with publication of this book, the Cine Lumiere at the
Institut francais in London is staging a major season of screenings and
special events throughout July. These include a retrospective of films,
masterclasses by legendary cinematographer Raoul Coutard and composer
Antoine Duhamel, and a number of introduced screenings by speakers
including Chris Darke, Mike Figgis, Catherine Grant, Roland-Francois Lack,
Colin MacCabe, and Douglas Morrey. The launch of the For Ever Godard book
on Friday 2 July at 7.15pm will be followed by Raoul Coutard's
masterclass. For full details, see:

Ciné Lumière
Institut français
17 Queensberry Place
London SW7 2DT

RESERVATIONS: 020-7073-1350

Please find below the press release from the Ciné Lumière:


2 - 29 July at the Ciné Lumière

Film Retrospective - Special Events - Book Launch - Masterclasses

Film Retrospective: 2 - 29 July

There have been many unique talents in the history of cinema, but few can
compare with the highly individual genius that is Jean-Luc Godard. He has
been making films for almost half of cinema's own lifetime, and it was
clear from the start - with his dazzling debut feature, BREATHLESS, that
he was taking film into the future even as he was honouring its past.

As a new book addressing the multiple aspects of Godard's cinema is
launched - FOR EVER GODARD (Black Dog Publishing) - we re-examine some of
his key works in the company of filmmakers, critics, academics and
Godard's own collaborators - Raoul Coutard and Antoine Duhamel - to
discover how one of cinema's most notorious 'enfants terribles' has
evolved into an elder statesman without ever losing his talent for
invention and his taste for exuberant provocation.

Our season features films from every period of Godard's mercurial career,
and looks forward to the forthcoming release of his latest work, NOTRE
MUSIQUE. Godard is blessed with a musical eye and a visual ear, and sound
plays a vital role in his work: he is a determinedly audio-visual artist
whose films bear comparison with works by the great modern composers.
Constantly pushing the boundaries of cinema, Godard does not always
succeed, but his failures make some others' successes appear pallid and
empty. His films are playful, challenging, engaging, demanding,
entertaining and illuminating, but never boring. He has been an
inspiration for generations of international filmmakers, so much so that
his famous 1958 declaration («the cinema is Nicholas Ray») might now be
rewritten: for many true lovers of film, the cinema is Jean-Luc Godard.

Special Events: 2 - 16 July

7.15pm     FOR EVER GODARD - Book Launch
7.30pm     Masterclass with Raoul Coutard, Godard's cinematographer
8.30pm     First Name: Carmen

Sat 3 July
7.30pm     Masterclass with Michael Witt, co-editor of For Ever Godard
8.30pm     JLG/JLG - intr. by Michael Witt

Tue 6 July
8.00pm     Le Petit Soldat - intr. by Roland-François Lack, contributor to
For Ever Godard

Wed 7 July
8.00pm     King Lear - intr. by Douglas Morrey, University of Newcastle

Thu 8 July
8.00pm     Eloge de l'amour - intr. by Colin MacCabe, author of a
biography of Godard

Fri 9 July%0
8.00pm     Weekend - intr. by Mike Figgis, film director

Tue 13 July
8.00pm     Slow Motion - intr. by Catherine Grant, contributor to For Ever

Thu 15 July
8.00pm     Alphaville - intr. by Chris Darke, author of the forthcoming

Fri 16 July
7.30pm     Masterclass with Antoine Duhamel, Godard's Composer
8.30pm     Pierrot le fou - intr. by Antoine Duhamel

FOR EVER GODARD - Book Launch: Fri 2 July

FOR EVER GODARD is a collective work (Black Dog Publishing), edited by
Michael Temple, James S Williams and Michael Witt, proposing a critical
reassessment and redefinition of Godard's entire corpus and its key role
within contemporary culture. With 22 lavishly illustrated chapters, as
well as a photo essay and a visual filmography, For Ever Godard aims to do
critical justice to the full sweep of Godard's artistic interests and
preoccupations. The volume presents material by scholars and practitioners
from film and media studies, art history, musicology, philosophy and
aesthetics. As an important marker of current methodologies, research and
practice across these different disciplinary areas, For Ever Godard is an
invaluable resource and of major importance to current discourses and
debates on cinema and visual culture. For information on the book FOR EVER
GODARD, please see

The publisher, Black Dog Publishing, can be please contacted at
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Masterclass with Raoul Coutard: Fri 2 July

One of the world's greatest cinematographers, Raoul Coutard was a key
figure in the French New Wave and one of Jean-Luc Godard's most important
collaborators. Coutard shot 17 films for Godard - among them, Breathless,
Alphaville, Le Mépris, Pierrot le fou and Weekend - but he was also behind
the camera on many other major films including Jacques Demy's Lola,
Truffaut's Jules et Jim and Costa-Gavras's political thriller Z. Still
working in his eightieth year, Raoul Coutard will join us to discuss his
filming experience with Godard during a collaboration that spanned 25
years and produced some of cinema's finest masterpieces.

Jean-Luc Godard, Multi-Media Artist - Masterclass with Michael Witt: Sat 3

One of the most remarkable aspects of Jean-Luc Godard's work is its sheer
diversity. Over the course of his career, he has produced books, videos,
audio CDs, written criticism, graphic collages, poems, and, of course,
directed films. 'Everything is cinema', as he is fond of saying. In this
richly illustrated talk, Michael Witt, co-editor of For Ever Godard,
reconsiders Godard as a multi-media artist in the manner of Jean Cocteau
rather than a feature film director in the lineage of Hitchcock or Hawks.

Masterclass with Antoine Duhamel: Fri 16 July

Antoine Duhamel is one of French cinema's busiest composers, and most
recently provided the score for one of this summer's surprise hits, Since
Otar Left. Over the past forty years, Duhamel has written music for more
than 70 films by directors as diverse as Truffaut, Tavernier, Patrice
Leconte, and - of course - Jean-Luc Godard. Duhamel's first major score
was for Godard's Pierrot le fou, and they renewed their collaboration for
Weekend. We are delighted to welcome Antoine Duhamel who will show
extracts from these two major films and discuss the importance of music in
the cinema of Jean-Luc Godard.


RESERVATIONS: 020 7073 1350

Ciné Lumière at the Institut français
17 Queensberry Place
London SW7 2DT
T. 020 7073 1350


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