I'm looking for a video I saw in a store that has since gone out of
business.  The plot sounds identical to _The Ring_.  I thought it
might be Michael Krueger's _Night Vision_, but when I saw the box of
the U.S. release on eBay recently, I knew that wasn't it.

The box I recall shows a person in a chiar with its back to the
viewer and a person dead in it, very similar to the box of a film
called _Thrillkill_, which this isn't.  Unfortunately, I never wrote
the title down, and I saw it only at this one Video Update store that
is long gone.

Would anyone into Asian cinema know where I can get the 1983 HK
horror film _The Accident_?  It was reviewed in Video Watchdog as a
Tapes from the Attic feature.  All I can find on eBay, though, is a
recent gay Category III film of the same title.


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