CFP: The Korean War in Film and Memory

November 11 – 14, 2004
Location:   Dolce International Conference Destination, operated by Dolce 
and American Airlines. In Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Texas.

Regarded as the “forgotten” war of the Cold War Era, memories of the Korean 
War today are quickly fading from public awareness—despite the current crisis 
on the Korean peninsula.   To rekindle analysis of the Korean War through 
Hollywood films, the Korean War area seeks papers/presentations.   Films such as 
Battlehymn (1957, starring Rock Hudson); Steel Helmet (dir. Sam Fuller,1951); 
The Bridges at Toko – Ri (1955, starring William Holden); For the Boys (1991, 
starring Bette Midler); The Manchurian Candidate (1962 starring Frank Sinatra) 
M*A*S*H (1970, starring Elliott Gould) among many others provide a rationale 
for discussing the importance and far ranging consequences of the Korean War. 

Film topics may include but are not limited to: 

∑ the horrors and nightmares of war 
∑ racial/gender issues in wartime
∑ the Cold War and its implications for “brainwashing” patriotic Americans
∑ the novelty—and tension—of limited war

Send a 150 (Word Format via email attachment) word abstract by July 30, 2004 

Dr. Ken Dvorak
Area Chair: Korean War
P.O. Box 34414
Houston, Texas 77234-4414
Email: [log in to unmask]

The Film & History League, with the Literature/Film Association, will be 
holding its conference on “War in Film, Television, and History” during November 
11 – 14, 2004, near Dallas, TX. Full details on the location, registration, 
procedures, and additional area topics can be found on the web site: Deadline for all proposals is July 30, 2004. 

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