For a collection representing the way in which "close reading" is
practiced in cinema studies today:

Short essays [c. 500 -2000 words] that offer a detailed close reading of
a sequence from Hitchcock's VERTIGO.   These readings should pay
attention to specific elements of mise-en-scene, cinematography,
editing, and sound-track in themselves; in relationship to each other;
in relationship to the way the film works to engage its audience; and
in relationship to the plot, characters, and themes  of the film.

The close reading may be presented as part of a reading [or
of the film as a whole, in which the specific textual details described
related to a larger pattern [thematic, ideological, rhetorical], or they
be presented as noteworthy simply as illustrative of  Hitchcock's cinema.
Either way, the emphasis should be on the specific textual details rather
than on the larger meanings or implications.

If you may be interested in contributing, please reply to this message
expressing your interest and indicating what specific sequence from the
you would want to analyze or explicate.  A short--one paragraph-- sample
of what your explication might look like would be helpful though it's not
required at this time.

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