Graduate Student Publishing Survey

Dear fellow graduate students,

I'm writing a little piece on publishing from "the graduate student
perspective."  In order to ascertain what exactly that is, I'm conducting an
informal survey.  This is bad timing for us all, but I'm sure you're looking
for some justifiable procrastination and even perhaps an opportunity to
vent. :)   Feel free to drift from the following questions (or modify them) to
suit your experience and perspective.

Regarding privacy: I'm setting out gather a _general_ feeling about publishing,

and therefore I don't intend to do any individual quoting.  However, if I do
want to cite anything I'll leave all names out, keeping everything anonymous.
If you have particular wishes beyond name omission please let me know.


What is your field?

The job market: How much and what kind of publishing (journals? anthologies?,
etc.) do you feel that you *need* for success on the market?

Types of publishing, cont.: Obviously all of us want to publish scholarly
articles, but what is your sense about the import of other forms, such as book
reviews, film reviews, mainstream magazine and newspaper features, and the
alternative press?

Web publishing: How are you approaching the increasing opportunities for
electronic publishing?

Oh yeah, Intellectual Contribution: How would you describe your drive to
a) the desire to participate in the scholarly debates in your field
b) a big hoop necessary for landing a job and ultimately job security
c) both
d) more one than the other (if so, explain)
e) neither (if so, explain)

Thanks in advance for taking the time!


Jamie M. Poster
English (Media Studies)
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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