The definitive source is Varda's own book, VARDA PAR AGNÈS, which was published in 1994 by Cahiers du cinéma. Also, a special issue of "études cinématographiques" was dedicated to Varda in 1991. Both texts are in French.

For works in English, see Alison Smith's AGNÈS VARDA (Manchester 1998), and Sandy Flitterman-Lewis's TO DESIRE DIFFERENTLY (Columbia 1996), which includes thorough textual analyses of CLÉO DE 5 À 7 and SANS TOIT NI LOI. See also Susan Hayward's article on SANS TOIT NI LOI in her FRENCH FILM: TEXTS & CONTEXTS (Rougtledge 2000.)

Varda's many interviews are fun to assign too, since undergraduates respond especially well to her spunky attitude.

Good luck!
Virginia Bonner

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Does anyone have any recommendations for articles or books that would be
useful in a course on the Left Bank movement in France, in particular the
works of Anges Varda?

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Thanks in advance for your help!

Jessica Adams

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