Here's my 1950s Sci-Fi Query.

It's not a film (at least i don't think so), but a short story that has
stayed with me ever since.

Sometime in the future (maybe as late as 1990). The streets of New
York. There is little traffic. Grass is growing in the streets. Stuff
happens. More stuff happens.

The punchline is that by this time everybody makes enough money by the
time they are thirty to retire, go down in the basement, and plug
themselves into the TV to live other lives for 50 or a hundred years.
Once in awhile, they wake up to change the channel. For a couple of
years you are John Wayne. Then for a few years more you are Jimmy
Stewart. Then Alan Ladd.

(Actually, I was Alan Ladd, but only for two days. That's another

Does anyone have a lead?

If not, can you recommend a list to direct this query to?

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