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American Folklore Society 2004 Conference
Salt Lake City, Utah, October 13-17, 2004
Folklore and Film
This is a call for papers and presentations for a proposed series of
panels exploring the relationship between film and folklore from a
variety of perspectives and filmic forms. 
Since 1989, when Bruce Jackson decried the dearth of debate from
folklorists in exploring popular film and television texts, much work
has been produced. In  “Folklore Studies and Popular Film and
Television: A Necessary Critical Survey” [Journal of American Folklore
116.2 (2003): 176-195], Mikel Koven took stock of these debates,
charting much of the work that has appeared in both folklore and film
studies since Jackson. Rather than looking backward, folklorists
interested in popular film, and film and television scholars interested
in folklore need to move these debates forward. 
This proposed series of panels on folklore and film/television has three
main agendas:
1.      to cast our scholarly nets as broadly as possible in order to
see who is producing scholarly work which falls under this very general
rubric of film and folklore, with the possibility of putting together
either a special issue of a journal or an edited volume after the
2.      to establish, under the American Folklore Society, a special
sub-section on Folklore and Film, which would then meet each year at the
AFS meetings. On this last point, there are a variety of Society rules
governing the establishment of new sub-sections, but one of those rules
is to demonstrate considerable interest within the society by the
proposal of a series of related panels during the same meeting. This is
also what I am trying to do with this call for papers. 
3.      However, at the very least, I would also like to meet with
interested scholars to see about the formation of an international
research network in this subject area, with the aim of developing
further projects.
To facilitate these aims, I am calling for proposed papers and
presentations on any aspect of the film/folklore intersection,
including, but not limited to, the following:
*       Folklore representation in film and television; including myth,
Märchen, legend, folksong and ballad, belief and custom, etc.
*       Film and television texts as folkloristic forms; including
issues of variant texts, dissemination of beliefs/narratives,
film/television as storytelling, etc.
*       Audience ethnographies/fan studies
*       Ethnographic (documentary) films
*       Children’s media and its relationship to folklore
Please send both short paper/presentation proposals of 75-100 words, and
a longer proposal of 250-500 words, by April 10, 2004 (sorry for the
short notice on this) to Mikel J. Koven, [log in to unmask] The panel
proposals need to be with the AFS organizers by the middle of the month,
so I cannot accept any proposals after the 10th and hope to get the
panel(s) accepted.
Dr. Mikel J. Koven
Dept of Theatre, Film and TV
University of Wales, Aberystwyth
(01970) 621605
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