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The above-named topics have been broached in recent entries for the
"Editor's Day" feature of the Alfred Hitchcock Scholars/'MacGuffin'
website, on its News & Comment page, whose URL is:

Bill Krohn of 'Cahiers du Cinema' has praised the entries, noting in
particular (based on an interview he did with Siegel) that 'Hitchcock
was the major influence on Siegel'.

The Munsterberg discussion, still running, relates to his use of Kant
and Schopenhauer to praise (famously) how film 'tells us the human story

by overcoming the forms of the outer world, namely, space, time and
causality, and by adjusting the events to the forms of the inner world,
namely, attention, memory, imagination and emotion'.

The discussion has so far related specifically to two Hitchcock films:
THE WRONG MAN (1957) and VERTIGO (1958).

Thanks for reading this.

- Ken Mogg (Ed., 'The MacGuffin').

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