Hello Ayana,

Several years ago the UCLA Film and Television Archive created a database
that listed all known American film and television productions that were
about, or featured, various racial identities including Native Americans.
The database references productions that included Native Americans, as well
as productions that cast non-Native Americans as a Native American

This database was created under the supervision of Daniel Bernardi, and is
available onsite at the Archive research and Study Center.  Their email is
[log in to unmask], and the phone number is 310-206-5388.  The Native American
portion of the database has hundreds of entries and cover productions form
the early 1900s - 1999.



  on 3/13/04 8:47 PM, ayana mcnair at [log in to unmask] wrote:

> Hello. Does anyone out there know of any films, other than Last of the
> Mohicans and Stagecoach, that contain footage of Native Americans? Documentary
> footage is preferred, but any fiction anyone could recommend would also be
> very helpful.
> Thanx,
> Ayana
> Ayana McNair
> Graduate Student, Irvine Fellow
> Cinema-Television Critical Studies
> University of Southern California

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