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November 11-14, 2004

Area CFP: War(s) on Terror

Proposals are invited for papers to be presented at the War in Film,
Television, and History Conference, Dallas, Texas, November 11-14, 2004,
in the area of "War(s) On Terror." Full conference details are available
at <>.

The events of September 11th, 2001 have focused attention on the
dynamics of terrorism and counterterrorism, and cinematic and televisual
representations of this form of intrastate, interstate, and
transnational warfare.  There is also a large and historically deep body
of film and television, documentary and fictional works related to
various "wars on terror."  Proposals are welcomed for either panels or
individual papers that examine the dynamics of terrorism and
counterterrorism as portrayed in film and/or video during the 20th and
early 21st century.  This also includes fictional representations of
future forms of terrorism and counterterrorism.

Proposals that represent the full range of methodological and
ideological discussions re: representations of war(s) on terror are
explicitly encouraged.  Proposals are not restricted to US produced film
and video, but film and video related to the multiple "wars on terror"
in many nation-states.  There are a number of possible subareas such as:
technologies of surveillance and militarized counterterrorism; the civil
liberties, privacy and human rights effects of terrorism and
counterterrorism; and, the use of investigative documentaries and news
coverage to examine both terrorist organizations and the excesses of
state security agencies in dealing with "terrorism."  Given that there
is a great deal of discussion surrounding the definitional parameters of
"terrorism" proposals that examine cinematic and videographic
representations of "state terrorism", "narco-terrorism", and
"cyber-terrorism" are also welcome.

Examples of possible works of film and video that could be explored
include: The Battle of Algiers, La Boca Del Lobo (Peru), Rojo Amanecer
(Mexico); news coverage and fictional representations of the events of
9/11/2001 and the aftermath; documentaries about the Weather
Underground, the FBI's COINTELPROs and their various targets, Waco, Ruby
Ridge; the Moscow hostage theater siege of October 2002; representations
of terrorism and state terrorism in science fiction from Metropolis to
The Matrix Trilogy; and representations of terrorism and state terrorism
in television such as The Agency, Alias, Threat Matrix, 24, the X-Files,
Millennium, Dark Angel, Harsh Realm, Star Trek(s), etc.; and films such
as The Siege, American History X, Arlington Road, Collateral Damage, Die
Hard, 12 Monkeys, The Chekist (Russia), Patriot Games, Clear and Present
Danger, Red Dawn, Michael Collins, Mississippi Burning, Birth of a
Nation, etc..  This list is by no means exhaustive.

While proposals for individual papers are welcome, panel proposals
(three/four papers) are especially encouraged.  Both electronic and hard
copy submissions are acceptable.

Please send proposals, with a one or two paragraph abstract of each
paper and a brief c.v. for each presenter, no later than July 30, 2004, to:

Christian Erickson
Area Chair, War(s) on Terror

to the below address/e-mail:

Christian Erickson
Adjunct Professor of Political Science
Assistant Professor of Political Science (as of August 2004)
School of Policy Studies
Roosevelt University
430 S. Michigan Ave.

Chicago, IL 60605

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