Lang Thompson's mention of GOTHIC  prompted me to recall James Whale's BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, which opens with Mary Shelly verbally recounting the new story she's been working on to Percy and Lord Byron.

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Others that may have been missed (and not including documentaries):

Sade (Benoit Jacquot)
84 Charing Cross (in a way)
Total Eclipse
Joe Gould's Secret
Citizen Kane
Love Actually
Late August, Early September
Birth of Love (though I can't remember if the writer character does any
actual writing)
McCarthy's If I Were King (about Villon) has been filmed at least four
times, once with a Preston Sturges script
Comanche Territory (loosely based on Perez-Reverte's experiences as journalist)
Before Sunset
maybe Rossellini's Augustine of Hippo and Blaise Pascal, possibly Acts of
the Apostles but obviously not Socrates

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