Latin America in Film & History

Note: Michael K. Schoenecke and Scott Baugh of Texas Tech are Special Editors
for the Vol. 34 issues of _Film & History_.  The topic is Latin America and 
Latin American Film.  Many film scholars--but, also, many who study Latin 
America--will take an interest in their work.  Below is the TOC for the first of 
two issues (F&H is a semi-annual periodical):
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_Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and Television Studies_ 
Volume 34.1 (March 2004)
1.     “San Martin, from Bronze to Celluloid: Argentina’s Liberator as Film 
Character” by Tzvi Tal (Tel Aviv U); 

2.     “US-Argentine Coproductions, 1982-1990: Roger Corman, Aries 
Productions, ‘Schlockbuster’ Movies, and the International Market” by Tamara Falicov (U 

3.     “Sex, Class, and Mexico in Alfonso Cuaron’s _Y Tu Mama Tambien_” by 
Ernesto Acevedo-Munoz (U Colorado, Boulder); 

4.     “Contemporary Histories of Mexico: Fictional Re-Creation of the 
Collective Past on Television” by Maria de los Angeles Rodriguez Cadena (U 
Wisconsin, Green Bay); 

5.     “Manifesting La Historia: Systems of ‘Development’ and the New Latin 
American Manifesto” by Scott Baugh (Texas Tech U); 

6.    Lourdes Portillo (Mexicana filmmaker) interview with Hector Torres (U 
New Mexico).
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