By now all current dues paying SCS Members  should have gotten  the new
Kino 2204 DVD/VHS catalogue which includes a 25% off sale on all current
titles.  Sale continues through MARCH 15, 2004. If you are not a current SCS
member you can still take advantage of the sale by just using the
code  1955 on the web site when ordering .
accepts POs and credit cards.  You may also order via fax, telephone, and
mail. If you want a real paper catalogue just send  me an e mail

This month we have several terrific NEW releases including a 3 DVD series
of new Arabic language films: Ferid Boughedir's HALFOUINE (from Tunisia),
Michel Khleifi's WEDDING IN GALILEE (from Palestine), and FERTILE MEMORY
(not listed in catalogue) -- also by Khleifi.

Please note that MANY titles in are catalog are not yet released (the
Pagnols, the Kieslowskis, CIRCLE OF DECEIT, etc.).  PLEASE DO NOT TRY
ORDERING THESE.  Along with your printed catalog we have included a list of
films not yet available.  If you are not sure about a title, just check our
site.  If it is not there, then it is not yet available.

apply offer code 1955 when ordering online).  You will also recieve the 25%
when ordering by mail or fax by simply referring to the sale.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our films.

Jessica Rosner
Kino International
333 W 39th St. 503
NY NY 10018
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tel. (800) 562-3330
fax (212) 714-0871

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