Does anyone have information (or experience) on how to
go about finding teaching opportunities in film/video
production in Latin America (sp. Mexico, Venezuela, or
Argentina) or Spain?

Are there Latin American versions of publications/job
sites like The Chronicle or higheredjobs?

I've done numerous searches on the web (country
specific and in Spanish, of course) but haven't had
success in locating "academic" openings. I've noticed
that there are a number of private "institutes" of
film & video production, outside the university
systems, but even there I have not seen positions
advertised. I feel I'm missing something in my
searches. Or are positions few and elusive?

Any info on specific Lat Am "film schools" or personal
experiences teaching there would also be appreciated
(off-list if you'd like).

Thanks in advance.

Leo Aristimuno
Communication Studies
Concordia University
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