There are two versions of this based on a true story

THE MAIDS based on the Genet play with Glenda Jackson made in 1975 as part
of the American Film  Theater series ( which Kino just put out)

MURDEROUS MADES a French film of the same story which came out last year
Jessica Rosner
Kino International
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> Subject: ID movie
> I'm doing research on mainstream or art-house films with lesbian
> relationships, preferably between sisters, but any films between two
> consenting women will do.  So far I have studied only "The Silence."  I
> once saw one about two sisters who were servants, perhaps around
> the turn of the century, perhaps in London, who murdered their cruel
> mistresses.  Does anyone know the name of that film?  Can you think
> of any others with these perameters?  Thanks in advance for any
> guidance you can give me.
> VG
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