An aside on 'Jagged Edge' (and apologies to those who think it's
irrelevant): it contains one of the most notorious continuity blunders in
film history.  Glenn C is interrogating a witness, and as she gets to the
punchline of her question, the camera tracks in to a head & shoulders shot
of her, wearing a white blouse.  Cut to a reverse shot of the witness
standing there, not having much to say in response and looking a bit
surprised.  In the next shot you can see why he was somewhat startled:
Glenn has taken off her white blouse and replaced it with a red
one!  Presumably if they ever re-release the film they could now correct
that error using CGI.  I'd be a shame if they did, though.

Not quite as good as the Volkswagen Beetle which appears toward the back of
a crowd scene in 'Howard's End' (i.e. set in 1911), but a very close second...


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