The Glenn Close one is Jagged Edge.

There's also:
Cher in Suspect
Kelly McGillis in The Accused
Michelle Pfeiffer in I Am Sam
Emma Thompson in In the Name of the Father
Demi Moore in A Few Good Men?
Laura Linney in Primal Fear
Annabella Sciorra in Reversal of Fortune
Amanda Donohoe in Liar, Liar
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in Class Action
Jessica Lange in The Music Box

Law students
Laurie Holden in The Majestic
Coleen Gray in Kansas City Confidential

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> A student is looking at this subject in films in relation to the
> development
> of women in the legal profession.
> Her starting point is ADAM'S RIB.
> I can think going back of Mae West in I"M NO ANGEL and the John Grisham
> adaptations, as well as Charlotte Rampling in THE VERDICT.
> Can anyone help me think of more?
> Thanks,
> Matthew Bernstein
> Emory University
> ----

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