Thanks, Ken, for the info about the use of video in African movies.
Nevertheless I have some questions about the following:

<all that started to change when the first nigerians and then ghanaians
dared to pick up a video camera, and even without training began to turn
films with their friends. they created an astonishing industry in the
ten years, with more video films being produced and exhibited in nigeria
one year (over a thousand) than in all the history of celluloid film in
africa. these are popular films, not socially relevant or high culture
films; they are filled with scenes involving magic, romance, killing,
and can be made in a week or two on a shoestring budget. they are hawked
off the backs of trucks, shown in local parlors, and have responded to
audience's expectations so successfully as to be wildly popular. in
digital has saved film in Africa>

Are you talking of plain video or digital video? Since you mention a
time span of 10 years, I assume the former.
What distribution format is being used: vhs?
Are they packaged with titles, pictures, etc. so customers know what
they are buying?
Do these movies stick to the usual 90 min length?
Are they made by "filmmakers" or ordinary people?
Jean-Pierre Geuens

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