Dear James,

On Tue, 30 Sep 2003, James Monaco wrote:

> I am convinced the psychologies are radically different, but that's
> just based on anecdotal evidence.
> Does anyone have leads to research that has been done in this area?
> For more about Maxivision check out

When I read Roberts piece on the comparison with the TI technic, I
realised that this TI technic must be rather old. The resolution of the
image is worse than HDTV. This makes it a bad piece, since there are no
limits in improvement of digital technic. Compare a computer of today
with a computer in 2 years or a 2 year old machine. There is no reason why
it is different with cinema technics, even if there are other economies

On the other hand, pigments on plastic against pigments in crystals, thats
all the difference.


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