I'm looking for early examples of the 'ghost protagonist' film.  By this I mean something like "The 6th Sense" or "The Others," where the major character(s), whose subjectivity we are meant to share, is a ghost.

Some earlier examples might include "A Guy Named Joe," or to some extent the 1940s version of "The Canterville Ghost," or Powell/Pressburger's "A Matter of Life and Death."  I am also already aware of the play "Outward Bound," its 1930 film version, and the 1944 remake as "Between Two Worlds."

There are also numerous 'qualified ghost' films, in which a spirit is granted a second chance, or a limited time frame to achieve a task on earth-- "Here Comes Mr Jordan" Fritz Lang's "Liliom" and "Destiny."

Any other suggestions would be appreciated--especially older ones.

Andy Miller
University of Missouri-Columbia

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