>  There is also,
> strangely enough, a 1999 comic/horror film titled TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN,
> with Tom Everett Scott as a character named Guy Fawkes (and a woman
> character named "Chris Marlowe").   I suspect ex-English majors with too
> much time on their hands.

It was John Paizs, who made the amazing 1940s pastiche, _Crime Wave_ (U.S.
box title "The Big Crimewave" to avoid confusion with Sam Raimi's one-word
_Crimewave_ from the same year) in 1985, although it looks like a relic from
the forties, only stranger.  Anyone interested in filmmakers like Guy Maddin
should check his work out.  Paizs was also born in Winnipeg.  Maybe there's
something in the water there that creates filmmakers who can make instant


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