I'm looking for secondary writings on Harry Potamkin.  Does anyone have
any suggestions?

Note:  I am not looking for material contemporaneous with Potamkin but
stuff written more recently.
Here's what I have already:

1.  the intro by Lewis Jacobs to COMPOUND CINEMA

2.  sections in Myron Lounsbury's history of American film criticism

3.  Peter deCherney's piece in FILM HISTORY

4.  Russell Campbell, sections in _Cinema Strikes Back: Radical Filmmaking
in the United States 1930-1942_

5.  sections in William Alexander, _Film on the Left: American Documentary
Film from 1931-1942_

6.  I've also been referred to Paul Buhle and Dave Wagner, _Radical
Hollywood_  and to Tom Brandon unpublished manuscript, File D43, The Film
Studies Center, Museuem of Modern Art.

Anything else?

--Dana Polan

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