Call for Participants:  SCMS Workshop, 2004 Conference, March 4-7, Atlanta,

The Rise of the DVD in Teaching and Research

The convenience and superior sound/image quality of the DVD obviously
enhance the teaching and research of film and television, but the DVD is
not without its limitations and hazards.  This workshop will explore the
pedagogical, technological, and legal ramifications of using this new
medium for our teaching and research.

I was reminded of the pertinence of this topic this morning when I saw a
NewsScan article, culled from USA Today, about the immanent demise of
VHS.  (VCR sales are down 46% over last year!)  I've attached it below.

More information on the workshop:

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Jeremy Butler
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This workshop is sponsored by the SCMS Information Technology Committee.

---- NewsScan article ----

>DVD now accounts for 70% of the overall home video market, whereas last
>year the split between DVD and VHS was 50-50. But there are still almost
>50 million U.S. homes with VHS players (and without DVD players), and
>Fox's Steven Feldstein says: "It's not time to play taps for VHS... It
>will make a graceful exit." Others, however, think the end is near, and
>Columbia TriStar president Benjamin Feingold predicts, "I suspect in a
>year and a half it will be tough to find (movies on tape)." VCR sales are
>down 46% in the first six months this year compared with the same period
>in 2002, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. (USA Today 27
>Jul 2003)

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Jeremy Butler
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Telecommunication & Film/University of Alabama/Tuscaloosa

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