A (belated) Call for Papers (not listed on the SCMS Forum)

March 4-7, 2004, Atlanta, Georgia

Stardom and the Discourse of Globalization

This panel explores the manner in which film stars function as multivalent
signs within international co-productions, as they both bear the 'trace' of
their regional/national origin, while also activating denotations specific
to their casting in individual film productions. How is the meaning invested
in star 'aura' redefined outside of a national cinema context? For example,
how might Juliet Binoche or Catherine Deneuve have come to represent a
certain quality of Frenchness or of French femininity or certain moments in
French history, and how is that meaning unsettled or redefined through the
forces of globalization and international cinema?

Please electronically submit BEFORE AUGUST 20, 2003:

300-400 word paper proposal
50 word abstract
Short bibliography
Brief biographical note (affiliation/position etc.)

Inquiries (via email only - I am travelling) to:

Angelica Fenner
Assistant Professor
Department of Germanic Languages & Literautres
University of Toronto
50 St. Joseph St.
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1J4 CANADA
Fax: 416-926-2329

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