i'm troubled at least as much by the tone of the message
initiating this thread as i was by the original article -- an article
that has already been the subject of extended conversation
on the film-philosophy list-serv, which readers of this note may
wish to check out

while i find a lot of what weddle says uninformed, misinformed,
and petulant, it is certainly NOT "particularly snide" . . . from
the original message one would never guess that weddle
goes out of his way to find out what this new thing called
"film theory" amounts to, that he interviews constance
penley--whom he treats quite fairly--and visits a class by
branigan, to whom he is less fair

the issues weddle raises ARE real issues . . . they would be real
issues on their substantive claims alone, and are made all the
more relevant by the fact that very few people except for
those who do theory have any appreciation of its value . . .
to the extent -- a very great extent, as the article allows -- that
theory is driven by leftist politics, the views of the overwhelming
majority of the film going public can't simply be disregarded as
beneath contempt

of course it was to be expected that this list-serv, and other discourse
arenas like it, would immediately become the site for a great
deal of defensiveness, self-justification, and name calling . . . i think
we do ourselves, our enterprise, and our causes a great disservice
by going that route


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