From: Cara O'Connor <[log in to unmask]>

*Cinetracts* was also screened last night in
Williamsburg.  If it helps at all you might want to
contact Ocularis - or contact Jake Perlin through
Ocularis and find out how he got a hold of it.

From: Gary Elshaw <[log in to unmask]>

The only way i could see these in '99 was sitting in what was almost
a meat-locker in the basement of the BFI on a Steinbeck. I am sooo
glad they have managed to emerge from someone's basement and are
having a life.

        Gloria Monti

Gloria Monti, Ph.D.
Los Angeles, CA (temporarily)
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"Verrà il giorno in cui ognuno dovrà prendere una posizione che non
sarà sicura, né conveniente, né popolare, ma dovrà prenderla perché
la sua coscienza gli dirà che è giusto."
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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