Reminder--Call for Papers:  Feelings and Memories Conference
Women’s and Gender Studies Programs, University of Texas at Austin
Proposals due May 15, 2003
Conference on Friday and Saturday, October 24-25, 2003


. . . is a conference that considers how the places and times for feelings 
and memories for individuals are differential and, at times, unequal.  Who 
can feel what where, who can call upon memories of what when, are signs of 
the states of ability to produce or circulate specific meanings.   This 
conference hopes to further the work feminist, gender, and queer-theory 
scholars have produced about personal positions and politics.

This conference seeks papers analyzing where thinking and debates on these 
matters currently stand.   What are our opinions and dissensions about
·       Places of feelings and memory in legal spheres, access to and 
delivery of health services, and health care environments
·       The use and abuse of feelings and memories in advertising, 
marketing, political debate, social issue movements, senses of community or 
coalition, national sentimental politics
·       The global flow of privileged and denigrated feelings and memories
·       Debates of objectivity versus subjectivity in the sciences and 
·       Innovations in pedagogies and educational theories
·       The representations and functions of feelings and memories for 
diasporas and in neo-colonialist states
·       On specific feelings and memories:  ambivalence, trauma, terror, 
nostalgia, grief, melancholy, ecstasy, moral righteousness, and others

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program at the University of Texas at Austin 
invites proposals of about 500 words for a twenty-minute paper that will 
address any of these themes.   While we will invite several guest speakers 
and will present papers ourselves, we seek outside presenters who might be 
interested in exploring these matters over two days with the UT Women’s and 
Gender Studies faculty and students.  We will give preferences to papers 
that are cross-disciplinary.

Both UT and non-UT scholars should send their proposals by May 15, 2003, to:
Janet Staiger, Center for Women’s Studies
405 West 25th Street (Walter Webb Hall), Suite 401
Campus Mail A4900
University of Texas at Austin, Austin TX 78705
512-471-5765; fax 512-475-8146
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Notification of acceptance will be made by June 15, 2003. 

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