I'm looking for a film that fits ALL the following criteria:

1.  An anti-war film, particularly one that represents the effect of war on
2.  An art film, meaning non-traditional narrative, stylistic
experimentation, or preferably both.
3.  Available on video.

Feel free to reply to me directly.

Why?  I'm teaching an intro film course, and am looking for a film to show
in class next week to illustrate a reading: David Bordwell, "Art Cinema as a
Mode of Film Practice."  With war against Iraq imminent, ideally I'd like to
show something that will promote thinking about the human costs of war.  I
guess I'm also looking for a way to express my outrage.

The problem is, I suspect most films on this topic tend to be fairly
classical in form.  I don't remember Forbidden Games well, but I suspect
it's  pretty classical.

Joshua Hirsch
Lecturer in Film and Electronic Arts
California State University, Long Beach

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