Hi, hope the question is ok for the list.
I really need it, since it is the greatest movie I know, sorry to the
moderator for expanding the topic of the list, but a lot of readers if
not all will agree, and I want it as an adition to the megacool, but its
true, experimental movie base at
http://intra.b.lab.net/cgi-bin/uzs106/test/playavi ...
(Its not my fault that it might not work for you, complain in Redmond or

Bootlab isnt a norwegian university, bandwidth is an issue, so please
compress it as strong as possible (divx 5.2) not bigger than 176x144.

There is allready Brecht/Eislers Kuhle Wampe, great music, poor story,
some nice scenes, thats Berlin as it will ever be, but it is much to big.
To big for streaming outside of the lan and to big for download.

http://bla/divx.avi streaming doesnt have the timeline (like
rtsp://bla/bla.mp4 streaming), but this doesnt matter much, since you cant
do that in cinema too, we view movies from the beginning to the end, and
the fact, that something is technically possible, doesnt make it

Well, lets break some more taboos ;-)


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