I guess you are talking about the mexican film "La Tarea" ("The Task" is a literal translation) The director is Jaime Humberto Hermosillo. I havenīt seen it but i think it coinsisted on two long shots. 
About the russian film i think it is "Russian Ark" by Alexander Sojurov. The film itself is a 90 minute single take made with steadycam. 

Salvador Savarese
Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is all very frustrating!  Critic Adrian Martin once told me of a
South American (Central American?) feature which is ostensibly a
continuous shot, set in an apartment, the idea being that a video-camera

has been left running when a man has an assignation there with a woman.
I know the film exists - I have watched it.  Hell, I may even have it in

my video collection!  It was probably screened by Australia's 'ethnic'
channel, SBS-TV, and I would have taped it then.  But Adrian can't
remember the film's name, or it's director's name either, and nor can
I!  (Yet the film was quite good, I hasten to add.)  Please, can anyone

BTW, I'm told that a recent Russian film also uses the 10-minute take.

Apologies for any cross-posting.

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