The current best way to image capture is by recording to a DV camera, and
then firewiring the images into the computer.  Many DVDs are copy-protected
keeping you from copying whole scenes, but the protection pops on a second
or so after the DVD is running, allowing a small window in which to catch
images.  Because of the preroll time from pressing play on a DV camera, I
have found that freeze-framing the DVD image you want and then recording it
onto DV provides a good still image, as clear as it is on the DVD, anyway.
From there I bring the images on DV into Premier 6.0 using firewire, and
output them as still frames from there.  It seems to work well.


Dear Screen-L subscribers:

I am interested in obtaining the highest quality still image from a
digital source, either an external DVD or laser disc player or an
internal DVD drive. Does it matter what  capture program is used and
what platform? In what ways might the quality of the DVD affect the
capture? What video settings/image sizes are optimal? Should the
image be paused or captured "on the run"? What format/file type/color
settings should the image be saved in to retain the most information
for a publisher's art department to work with?
I'm interested in people's experiences with this for publication
purposes. Have any definitive specifications emerged for this process?

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