The U.S. DVDs of the Godzilla films are all widescreen (except for _Terror
of Mechagodzilla_ and those made in 1.33), but they offer only the
English-dubbed version, even in cases where there was little or no cutting
from the Japanese version (which basically includes _Godzilla's Revenge_, an
underrated family drama in which Godzilla appears only in dream sequences,
much loathed due to the fact it has so much stock footage).

Scott Andrew Hutchins
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> On Thursday, January 30, 2003, at 10:45 PM, Scott Andrew Hutchins wrote:
> > Matango (Ishiro Honda, 1963)
> Obviously, the list is in no particular order, otherwise Matango, the
> Fungus of Terror (AKA Attack of the Mushroom People) would be first. :-)
> Seriously, Ishiro Honda is a director who is often overlooked,
> dismissed as "the director of those awful Godzilla movies" by most. In
> fact, he was a great filmmaker who worked as assistant director with
> Kurosawa on some of his later films, such as Kagemusha and Ran.
> As for the Godzilla films, before you criticize, see the original
> Japanese versions, in widescreen for the ones that were filmed that
> way. They are very different films than the badly dubbed, re-edited,
> panned-and-scanned versions that most Americans have seen on TV in
> their childhood. In particular, see the original Japanese version of
> Godzilla (1954), which features Takashi Shimura of Seven Samurai fame
> as the lead. The American version was butchered of about half of its
> footage in order to make room for poorly integrated scenes featuring
> Raymond Burr as an American reporter.
> Chris Nuzzi
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