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On Thu, 6 Feb 2003, Dan Streible wrote:

> While overall the media corporations are winning increasing power in

Not a contribution to this thread, but reminding the paramount decision,
lets see it in a broader sense:

How would the "DVD regime", by which Hollywood tries to enforce its
copyright, look under the sherman act and similar antitrust provisions?

It does work only with the consent of the manufacturers of DVD players.
Does somebody know details about the treaties, agreements etc, that are
used to enforce DRM here?

Copyright and DRM are not in itself bad, but to force mnanufacturers of
DVD players to support it is something completely different for me.

To manufacture different players wouldnt be a circumvention in the sense
of the DMCA, or would it? It would be just the circumvention of a trust.

Brainstorming in cinemaland..



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