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Program for our meeting in Albuquerque, 12-15 February, 2003

Here is the web address for the official program this year.  The conference
will be an exciting event with national officers, star celebrities like 
Baldwin, and the national secretary treasurer, Michael K. Schoenecke.
Be there.

Luncheon speaker is Rudolpho Anaya, famous hispanic mystery writer.

Attendance to the event will be 600 participants and many of the panels are 
Film, the Silent Film, Hitchcock, Film Noir, and literary adaptations
to film.   Check out the program.

The program can be searched with a Control-F request, so it is not
necessary to scroll through the dross for those nuggets you seek.

Please consider attending even if you are only there to network and
to learn.

Best regards,

Peter Rollins

Associate Program Chair,  SW/Texas PCA/ACA Meeting
(February 12-15, 2003 at the Albuquerque Hilton) 
(Program Chair is Phil Heldrich at <[log in to unmask]>)

Popular Culture Center
Rt  3  Box  80
Cleveland,  Oklahoma    74020
(918)243-7637 and fax 5995
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   Special events and persons to attend:
Free trips to Isleta Casino Gambling Palace
            Luncheon featuring a guest speaker Rudolpho Anaya, 
              famous Hispanic mystery writer.

Prizes presented for papers and  to those who have served 
our organization and its mission   

   Organization's Web site with lots of data is below:


   Register for the Hilton via web site:


   (There is a click point on our web site to reach this long address!)   

       Participating authors who have books they wish to have included in
       the display in AQ should contact their publisher and make that request
       The publisher should then contact Debby Pitts at The Scholar's Choice
       by phone (585.262.2048 x 108) or e-mail 
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Southwest Airlines has a special rate for our folks. Check our web site
                 for details about travel benefits from Southwest Airlines.

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