I saw the restored _Metropolis_ from Kino this afternoon.  It is by far the best available version, and I've been known to defend Moroder, even his music.

A couple of anomalies though:  in Moroder's version, he fills in missing footage with production stills, when available (when not available, he ignores the cut footage)--this is more effective than white text on black.  Also, I wasn't sure why the shot of the Hel statue was missing and replaced by a drawing, when the footage appears in both the Moroder and the Video Yesteryear version (the two I own).

The print is much clearer than either of these.  I wonder if this was the reason they chose not to tint it, even though it was most likely presented that way initially.  I saw more details than I had never noticed before.  The only major missing scene replaced appears to be a shot of the Club of Sons as the professor is introducing the female entertainers.

The original score is great and definitely the best complement to the film.  At home I have a choice between a score that sounds like an old radio soap and Moroder, so I always go for Moroder, particularly since it has more footage even though it's shorter.

Scott Andrew Hutchins
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