2003 SW/Texas PCA/ACA Conference 
February 12-15
The Albuquerque Hilton, Albuquerque, NM

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  December 31, 2002  (get ready!)

Description of topic:  War and Popular Culture

Now is the time to think about war and American
popular culture-to prepare ourselves and the nation
for what lies ahead.  Ships are being loaded as we

How do Americans see war in prospect?
How does the culture respond to the war experience?
How do we reflect on war once the battles are over?

Talk about specific struggles or generalize about
these issues in a 20 min. presentation.

Novels, films, television shows are all eligible in this
field.  Feature films and documentaries are also important.
Personal narratives are welcomed from veterans who have
a story to tell.

We are interested in all aspects of War in American 
or popular culture, from changing roles, to media influence,
to depiction in literary forms.  All ideas are welcomed, and 
we hope you'll join us!  We're an open-minded, interesting
group who enjoy new ideas and insights.

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100-word abstract

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Peter C. Rollins  
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