Call for help!!

Please give me a few reasons why _Empire of the Air_
by Ken Burns was flawed.

I remember hearing a paper at a national PCA meeting
on the many flaws, one of which was dependence on a
single source for his history.

My memory is that Burns missed the truth about who
invented radio, but--as one would expect--his errors
were synonymous with the errors of his sources.

What were the errors and who was the main source.

Obviously, I can research this at the library and will do so
if need be....but this topic may be a hobby horse for some
communications scholars whom I would overlook.

Furthermore, any major flaws in the work of Burns as a
whole which I should know about.  I mean grievous flaws,
not errors in detail.

Please respond to the list.

Thanks so much,

Peter Rollins
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