From: Robert Hunt <[log in to unmask]>
Date: 2002/12/06 Fri PM 12:09:19 EST
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Subject: Re: Bresson on DVD?

The most likely candidates to release Bresson titles would be New Yorker (who hold rights to Pickpocket, A Man Escaped, Lancelot of the Lake and a few other titles that have never even made it to US) and Kino, (who acquired Diary of a Country Priest by way of the Interama collection). I haven't heard any DVD news from either place....  My personal wish-list of New Yorker titles still unavailable on DVD is very, very long.....
Robert Hunt

Alas things are not that simple. Many contracts
( including Kino's for Diary of a Country Priest)
do not include DVD rights and they may be too expensive
to purchase. New Yorker more than likely has similar
restrictions on what they can release on DVD and a
number of their old contracts have been expiring.

Jessica Rosner

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