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Volume 1 Number 3  December 2002

Martin Jay
Cultural relativism and the visual turn

R.L. Rutsky
Pop-up theory: distraction and consumption in the age of meta-information

Alexander García Düttmann
Surfaces: the painting of Antoni Tāpies

Emanuela Guano
Ruining the President's spectacle: theatricality and telepolitics in the
Buenos Aires public sphere

Susan Buck-Morss
Globalization, cosmopolitanism, politics, and the citizen

The Florida Research Ensemble (FRE)
MIAMI MIAUTRE: mapping the virtual city (a preview)

Sean Cubitt
Visual and audiovisual: from image to moving image

Julian Henriques
Thinking without Trace

Lynn Turner
Lift Off: 'il n'y a pas de deux hors-texte'

Jean-Paul Martinon
Capturing the Present?

Anna Winestein
In Museums We Trust

Miguel Tamen, Friends of Interpretable Objects
Reviewed by Aura Satz

Mark C. Taylor, The Moment of Complexity: Emerging Network Culture
Reviewed by Charlie Gere


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