Thanks for all the suggestions thus far.  I probably should have explained
before that my current list (and course structure) involves the types
developed by Barbara Creed in her psychoanalytic book, THE MONSTROUS
FEMININE: the maternal monster (archaic mother and monstrous womb), the
devilish (possessed) girl, the lady vampire, the witch, and the vengeful
lover (femme castratrice)--to which I add the female serial killer, the
woman soldier, and the female detective (as versions of the femme fatale and
woman warrior).  Of course, there's also the "final girl" in slasher films,
but she's only violent at the end to escape the villain.  I'm especially
interested in films (or other types) where the violent screen woman is a
complex character: victim, villain, and hero in one, throughout the
film--not purely good or evil.

Any further suggestions of films involving these character types, or of
other categories?


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