Press Release:  11.03.02
(Greetings from the Beach)

Dear Screenwriters (especially),

We have decided that you may *EMAIL* us your screenplay (entries) for Key West
IndieFest 2003 (April 18 - 21) - if you want!


Just click "Year 2003 Entry Forms" - and you are on your way!

----------- THEN:

EMAIL your script (as an ATTACHMENT) - as either a PDF File (*preferred*
method, using Adobe Acrobat) - or, as a WORD File.

NO *TEXT* files, please - for the script formatting gets all 'screwed up'.

---------- COMPRESS Your File BEFORE Sending:

If you may - please COMPRESS your LARGE screenplay file - so, that the TRANSFER
of your data is FASTER.

We use STUFFIT EXPANDER - to *OPEN* compressed/large files - so, to
*COMPRESS* large files - use DROP STUFF (which IS a *compression* program).


As well - PLEASE make-sure that the Screenplay file you are *emailing* us is

IF you send a file that contains a VIRUS - YOU will be held *accountable* - so,
please be aware of this.

---------- MAKES SENSE:

Emailing us your screenplay entries will:

1) Keep YOUR costs down - ie. no (paper) copying/binding, no mailing and postage
expense (etc),


2) Will make it EASIER for us (the festival) to ASSIGN your screenplay entries to
our staff of previewers!

All ELECTRONICALLY!     (Yippee)

However - if you still want to *mail* a (physical) PAPER entry - that is just-fine
(to the address below).

2-3 day Priority Mail is recommended (if you do)


Paying your entry fee with a CREDIT CARD would-be the 'easiest and most-efficient'
way - because then we may *assign* your (electronically) received script
*immediately* to our preview staff.

Otherwise - you may send a check or money order to:

Key West IndieFest 2003
1107 Key Plaza  #136
Key West, FL  33040

and, once we RECEIVE your entry fee - we will THEN assign it to the festival's
'preview and selection process!

Whichever works best for you - of course.


So, send them on - and, *remember* that our Official "Call for Entries" ENDS on
November 30, 2002.

LAST "Call For Entries" runs December 1 - 31 (2002) -- and entry fees will be
an *additional* $10.00.

So - enter SOON - and SAVE (even MORE) money!


Meanwhile - we hope this message finds you well!

Film and Write On,

Michael Carr
Director:  Telluride and Key West IndieFest

Showcasing the *best* independent films and screenplays in the world -
high in the mountains, and by the sea!


Once TECHNOLOGY (ie. Broadband, or whatever else is 'down the pike') becomes
FAST-ENOUGH -- we may consider receiving FILM and VIDEO entries
*electronically*,  as well.

------- Removes:

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