Press Release:  10.25.02
(Greetings From The Beach)

Dear Independent Filmmakers, Screenwriters, and Indie Cinema Aficionados,

Yes - we are IN Key West, and here is our *mailing address* for your entries:

Key West IndieFest 2003
1107 Key Plaza  #136
Key West, FL  33040

2-3 day Priority Mail is recommended.

Our telephone and fax numbers are listed on the festival's web site, as well.

However (and, if you may) - please use EMAIL to *communicate* with the festival.

--------- Official "Call For Entries" Ending SOON:

Be sure and *enter* BEFORE December 1 (2002) - and SAVE $10.00 on your
entry fee!

Also - we are *limiting* entries to 1000 (total of all films, videos, and
screenplays) - so enter EARLY - and avoid the *rush* at CLOSING.


We look forward to your *participation* in our NEW Key West event!

Film and Write On,

Michael Carr
Director:  Telluride and Key West IndieFest

Showcasing the *best* independent films and screenplays in the world -
high in the mountains, and by the sea!

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