I'd say that the zippy HIS GIRL FRIDAY (1939) is an artistically superior
film to the rather creaky, early-sound THE FRONT PAGE (1931)--not to
mention the subsequent remakes:  THE FRONT PAGE (1974) and SWITCHING
CHANNELS (1988).

Come to think of it, weren't there a few silent and early-sound films made
circa 1924-29 that were remade just a few years later, after sound
technology arrived and then improved?  Titles are escaping me just now.

You might want to consider those films as technologically more
successful--although not necessarily artistically more successful.


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>Subject: Remakes
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>"The Truth About Charlie" got me thinking about remakes. (it is a
>retelling of Charade.)
>Can anyone think of a remake that was more successful (artistically
>or financially) that its original?
>(No sequels, please.)

Jeremy Butler
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